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The dreaded computer virus. Everyone at one time or the other has experienced some form of loss because of a virus, trojan, or other malware.

Virus free porn

If you have ever had to bring your computer over to the “Nerd Herd” or “Geek Squad” then you know the judgmental eyes of those about to take a peek inside your personal computer or laptop.

Why the judgment? Pornography of course. The fear that everyone is going to know or assume that your computer was infected because you were doing some one handed web surfing is one of the biggest fears of every infected computer owner.

Why have these websites have become notoriously unsafe for web browsing and internet security?

There are a number of possible malicious software that could infect a PC. Malware, Spyware, Virus, Trojans, Keyloggers and root kits are just a few potentially harmful programs that could easily infect an unknowing users PC.

Pornographic websites have been well known for causing infections and damage to even the seemingly most protected PC’s. Adult websites are high traffic websites, they have hundreds, thousands & even millions of users, depending on the popularity and content. High traffic simply translates to all those different people going to the same website. Hackers and virus creators use those high traffic sites in order to infect as many people as possible.

Take a look at what can happen

On top of those websites being high traffic they also usually contain valuable information about the sites’ users. Adult websites usually charge monthly fees for pictures, videos and streaming web shows. Payment in the form of credit cards and online checks are usually the norm and hackers and identity thieves will use malware and virus software to obtain that information in order to steal from users.

Additionally, users often download pictures and video from these sites without truly knowing what is attached to those pictures or what may be coming along for the download. These files can contain automatically executable files who start running in the background and saving user data they can later use for theft or malicious reasons.

If you are visting adult sites it’s best to stick to the trusted, safest ones around. With all internet surfing and website related business it’s smart for computer users to find an effective and reliable anti-virus and malware program. Our personal choice is Avast Free, it’s simple to use, easily updated and provides a boot-time scan that will allow for file scanning before the operating system on the computer fully starts up.

Happy & safe surfing.




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